Eyce Silicone: Benefits and Care


Eyce Molds offers a line of silicone products that come with a FREE Lifetime Warranty with online registration. Break It. Tear It. Burn It. No matter what you do, Eyce will replace it.

These pipes and rigs are rugged, durable, and designed for the accident prone, as well as for those who want to travel with their gear and not have to worry about breakage. If an Eyce piece is accidentally damaged, burnt, or dropped, they will replace it with no questions asked—even broken glass.


It is highly recommended to use the alcohol-free, plant based, non-toxic Eyce Silicone Cleaner to keep Eyce pieces in top condition. Regular cleaning with Eyce’s Silicone Cleaner will prolong the life of the silicone and maintain optimum performance. This cleaner is specifically created for use with Eyce Silicone Products, but can be used with any silicone piece.